Welcome to Mekhitarist – a New Blog

Welcome, and thank you for visiting Medhitarist, my brand new blog! This is really going to be a fun venture for me, because I’ve been wanting to explore writing about some different things that I have an interest in. Sometimes, stuff sort of just “runs through” my brain, and I find myself wondering about things. One thing leads to another, and I go down a bunch of rabbit holes to learn more about any given topic.

So, what I figured was that in cases like that, why not take the stuff I learn, and compile it and post it for others to read? You never know: it IS possible that one of you who happen across this blog have a similar interest, and whatever post I put up just happens to be an offshoot of the rabbit hole that YOU are travelling!

Happy to be here, and happy to share whatever I write with whoever finds themselves here too!