Hire The Right One

The law is like a living organism. It is constantly changing and adapting to new situations that arise; unexpected cases with outcomes the legal system was not previously prepared to deal with. Adjustments have had to be made along the lines of same-sex marriage, culpability in cases involving Artificial Intelligence, and in DUI charges as well. Science, society, and academic organizations contribute to debate over accountability and what the penalties should be for various crimes. Within the legal profession, professionals specialize in particular areas, not just defense or prosecution, because of the complexities involved in their field.

Specializing in the Law

Students undertake a study of the law in general but will be expected to hone skills in a certain area such as family or tax law when they are further along in their studies. Perhaps small-town solicitors are called upon by clients facing all kinds of charges or seeking justice in a variety of matters, but residents in larger cities, such as Los Angeles, are looking for more precise skills. Some of these include DUI, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Family, and Tax Law. A very experienced lawyer with numerous years in the field could be even more precise, handling matters of divorce or custody; corporate changeovers and amalgamations; or medical malpractice.

Seeking a Lawyer

Both sides in a given case have a lot to lose. If they did not, two parties would prefer to avoid the expense of legal fees and the waiting involved. One consults with a lawyer to determine if his case has a chance of being successful. Lawyers are keen to avoid taking weak cases to the defendant’s attorney. This is a waste of time and does not look good on one’s resume. Attorneys are like sports professionals, keeping score as to whose records of success are better and even amounts of money secured for their clients where necessary. During a consultation, which is often free, a lawyer will assess the potential client’s case to determine if he wants it or not. At this time, all legal fees will be set out in writing.

Experience Counts

Such competitiveness should not deter clients. Having a seasoned, driven professional on one’s side is a good thing. This individual takes great care to explore a case from every angle in order to tell potential clients, truthfully, whether or not they should pursue a case. When someone like this shakes clients’ hands and offers a contract, clearly a case has substantial merit. As for the cost involved, this is not a low-cost undertaking. While certain cases are taken on “no-win, no-pay” basis, there are others in which both sides will pay no matter what happens. That’s one reason why the penalty for a “losing” party is often payment of the opposing side’s costs. In ideal situations, if court can be avoided, lawyers for both clients will seek to settle their case behind closed doors without going to court.

Experience of Both Sides

When one hires a lawyer with experience of both prosecution and defense, he enjoys an additional bonus. This attorney can anticipate what the other side will ask and say. He predicts the approach which an opponent will take. Many lawyers switch sides at some time in their careers because of frustrations with clients in a given specialty area but also for a new challenge. Their ability to foresee possible outcomes is greater than attorneys who have exclusively tried cases from one side.


One of the most emotionally challenging sorts of cases is DUI, especially where someone has been injured or killed. If children are involved, that makes the matter even more sensitive. The media wants to get involved; the public weighs in with their opinions. Death during a DUI incident will become a felony case, tried at a higher level than a misdemeanor such as being stopped for weaving on the road without causing harm to anyone.

Maintaining objectivity is very difficult, but a client is always innocent until proven guilty. It’s often the job of a new defense attorney to handle DUI cases because no one else wants to defend someone who drove while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It turns out, though, that even these cases are not always straightforward. Outcomes vary; clients are released without charge; some pay small fines compared with the major penalties they had expected; and other factors receive the spotlight such as a need for new roadside testing equipment and police training. New drugs come to light. There are cases in which no one is actually at fault. Numerous times, the prosecuting side loses because of loopholes. While such instances are difficult to swallow when it seems justice is not being served, there are also many instances where an otherwise law-abiding individual is given a second chance.

Local Lawyers

Whether a client wishes to hire a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer, a Los Angeles DUI lawyer, or a tax attorney, one should always consult with a local professional. For one thing, these individuals are well versed in state laws and adjustments to those laws. There is federal law which covers everyone, but certain cases are affected by unique stipulations set by the state or a municipality.

Long-winded cases involve many hours of consultation between client and attorney. This involves a considerable amount of traveling. With face-time, in-person meetings might be avoidable, but not always. Reduce the overall costs and hassle of your case by hiring someone within a reasonable radius defined by your mode of transport: car, bus, train, or on foot.

Pro Bono

In order to ensure that legal recourse is available to everyone, systems are in place to ensure everyone who needs it can access legal representation. A state-appointed attorney will be assigned to a case where there isn’t a civil litigant, such as murder or DUI. Where the case is civil, such as a contested divorce or a custody hearing, one can access support from low-cost or free legal services. One cannot be as choosy, of course; these individuals donate their time because of professional obligation or because they are soft-hearted. Otherwise, many people would be unable to defend their rights as parents or would walk away empty-handed in the case of a messy marital split.